Absolutely beginners class Every Tuesday @Tailors eating house, Cheltenham spa UK

Bored of Pubs and Clubs?

Then come along to '' TAILORS EATING HOUSE  ''  Cheltenham every ' TUESDAY ''  where we learn to dance authentic Cuban salsa style!

 A fun and simple class from 20:00 Plus Rueda class every week all levels

No need to book, just turn up on your own or with friends, a warm welcome awaits you.

Salsa is a great way of interacting and getting to know new people so come along and give it a go for yourself, we know you will love it.

                                                        Cuban It's the real thing!

                                                                 AHI NA MA!



The more you know, the more you can enrich your dance  


Clave is a special rhythmic form which derives from the Rumba and is the base of Salsa and others popular musical genres




' SALSA'   It's Cuban music '